Hematology Services at Thoroughbred Diagnostics

Thoroughbred Diagnostics

Thoroughbred Diagnostics is focused in delivering world-class hematology diagnostic and laboratory medicine services to every client. We have excellent turnaround times with a responsive Client Services department and prompt, accurate billing service. Our Department of Hematopathology provide total customer satisfaction with every Diagnosis.

Thoroughbred Diagnostics offers a full range of pathology expertise and advanced laboratory diagnostics for hematology. Our subspecialty services provide accurate and on time delivery of diagnosis report, aid in prognostic stratification, and guide therapeutic selection and monitoring for a range of benign and malignant hematolymphoid disorders affecting pediatric and adult patients.

Our menu combines the state-of-the art laboratory

Thoroughbred Diagnostics

Our menu combines the state-of-the art laboratory diagnostics that required in modern hematology practice with a foundation of expert diagnosis consultation for bone marrow biopsies and lymphoid tissues. Our robust offerings in flow cytometry, molecular hematology, immunohistochemistry and cytogenetic karyotyping, which supply the data needed to answer today’s complex hematology questions. The interpretation by our subspecialty well trained hematopathologists complements this data in meaningful clinical context.

Our services is designed to be flexible, from performing a single diagnostic test to a full-service consultation depending on the needs of each patient and with each case.