Infectious Disease

Swabbing your nose or throat

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Infectious diseases are illnesses caused by harmful pathogens that get into your body. The most common causes for infectious diseases are viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Infectious diseases usually spread from one person to another person through close contact, also from contaminated food or water and also through bug bites. Some infectious diseases are less dangerous and some are very serious.

UTI Urinary tract Infection

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If you are worried about a UTI, then you should talk with your health care provider and Thoroughbred Diagnostics is the right place for you. UTIs can be found by analyzing your urine sample. This urine sample is examined under a microscope for bacteria or white blood cells, which are signs of infection. Your health care provider may also ask for a urine culture test. Thoroughbred Diagnostics will test that detects and identifies bacteria and yeast in the urine, which may be causing a UTI.

STI Sexually Transmitted Infection

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Diagnosis of STIs at Thoroughbred Diagnostics will give you report regarding your STIs disease. Our Diagnosticsteam will ask personal questions about your sex history. For you it is very important to be honest so that you can get help. They may take other sample of fluid from the vagina or penis, or perform a blood test to confirm the problem. Laboratory tests will show that if any bacterial or viral STIs are present in the body.

RPP Respiratory Pathogen Panel

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Thoroughbred Diagnostics will check pathogens panel in the respiratory tract. A pathogen is a virus, bacteria, or other element that causes an illness. Your respiratory tract is a parts of the body which funtion in breathing. This body parts includes your lungs, nose, and throat.

There are so many types of viruses and bacteria that can infect the respiratory tract. Symptoms are quite similar, but treatment can be different. So it is important to make the right diagnosis and we are here to help you out. Thoroughbred Diagnostics faces difficulty on other viral and bacterial tests for respiratory infections are often limited to testing for one specific pathogen. Several samples may be needed.

Covid 19 NAAT as preferred test

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Thoroughbred Diagnostics conduct Nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT), most commonly with a reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay, to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA from the upper respiratory tract is the preferred initial diagnostic test for COVID-19. Rapid RT-PCR tests appear to perform Thoroughbred Diagnostics laboratory-based NAAT, but rapid isothermal tests may be less sensitive.